Travel Photo of the Day: Rainbow Lava Flow, Big Island Hawaii

Boy did our travel club get lucky on this day during one of our Big Island adventure trips this year. The lava from Kilauea Volcano had not been flowing above ground for almost a year but rose to the surface in a series of eruptions flowing into the ocean just in time for us! It wasn’t a walk in the park getting to the flows this time– about 6 miles round trip over newly hardened...
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Destination Travel Guide: Botswana

70% of Botswana’s land is covered by the Kalahari Desert. However, its flat landscape is also home to an inland delta, grasslands, and savannas. As a result, Botswana is home to a rich diversity of animal species, many of which are famously and inextricably linked to the African continent. Check out these highlights when planning your next trip to Botswana: 1. Chobe National Park is home to one...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Graffiti in Galway

On our travel club’s group tour to Ireland we saw a lot more than just castles, churches, & a whole lot of GREEN! In Galway, Cork, & Dublin there were a lot beautiful paintings. And most of the ones we saw came in the form of graffiti. This photograph was taken on a side street in Galway and no one seemed to be rushing to clean this masterpiece off the wall. In addition to the...
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Online Travel Tools to Make Trip Planning a Breeze

A great vacation can be just the thing you need to recharge your batteries after months of work & stress. Making the time to take a vacation is important for everyone’s mental health but as great as the actual journey can be there are plenty of hassles to overcome. Trip planning can be extremely time consuming and involves finding the best flights, choosing the right destinations,...
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Travel Photo of the Day: On Guard at Atatürk Mausoleum

Our travel club didn’t know what to expect upon our visit to Anıtkabir, aka the mausoleum of Turkey’s greatest modern leader: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. We were in fact blown away. The precision of architecture and decorated guards was in and of itself a great monument to this beloved revolutionary. Atatürk was a brilliant proponent of equality and freedom for Turkey and lead the...
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Destination Travel Guide: Photography in Costa Rica

Costa Rica can boast of a startling diversity in climates and scenic landscapes despite its small size. Much of its natural heritage is accessible to travelers through the country’s well-established system of parks and protected areas. Being a travel club for photography lovers, Costa Rica is a no brainer for us since the diverse range of landscapes, plants, & animals is endless. Check out...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Sea Turtle in Hawaii

In honor of our all inclusive Hawaii group tours next week we thought this up close and personal shot of a Big Island sea turtle is appropriate. This travel photo of the day sums up an amazing part of our trip perfectly: Hawaiian sea turtles everywhere! In addition to various black sand beaches that these guys call home we also take our travel club to a hidden lagoon filled with sea turtles...
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The Best Travel Photography in India

India is a diverse country that is rich in heritage and color. Small cultural villages, thick lush forests, the azure outline of the Himalayas and immense meadows give India the distinction as one of the top places for photography. Most travelers visiting India will flock to the tourist places and take the same photos many have already seen. To photograph the real India and her people, you must...
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