Travel Photo of the Day: Colorful Buildings in Burano, Italy

When traveling to Venice a day trip or couple nights in Burano is a must! Our travel club stayed here a few years ago and we’ve been itching to plan another group tour to Italy ever since! Burano is located in the northern part of the Venetian Lagoon, just a short boat ride from the famous Venice archipelago. Though it appears to be one island, Burano is actually an archipelago like...
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Eat Fried Tarantula in Cambodia!

  Join Free: This may look gross and unappetizing to most westerners but we were pleasantly surprised by how tasty these fried tarantulas were in Cambodia. They taste a lot like chicken and are doused in garlic. Our travel club’s adventure to Vietnam & Cambodia is filled with unique experiences like this. Many believe Cambodians started eating these spiders out...
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Destination Travel Guide: Russia

Russia, officially known as the Russian Federation, is the largest country in the world and is located in the northern part of Eurasia. The country has a rich culture, remarkable history, and picture-perfect scenery that never fail to leave lasting impressions on its visitors. It would be an understatement to say Russia is large because its geographic size is ridiculously huge spanning Europe and...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Mendocino Waterfall (California)

Our travel club does so many group tours around the world we sometimes forget the abundant beauty in our own back yard. Time and time again we’re reminded of how exotic places at opposites ends of the earth can look so similar. On a group trip to Kenya we remember how driving through parts of the Great Rift Valley looked just like areas of Ireland, New Zealand, Hawaii, & California!...
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Destination Travel Guide: Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a country filled with rich culture and beautiful landscapes. Due to its former political situation, Myanmar’s tourism industry is less developed compared to even its smaller neighbors. However, this does not mean that it is devoid of spectacular sights and experiences. In fact, since the recent political transition toward a democratic government, Myanmar is...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Costa Rica Smoking Arenal

One of the most iconic volcanoes in the world, Arenal in Costa Rica’s northwestern district of La Fortuna is a must stop on a trip to this great Central American country. At roughly 3500 feet (for now), Arenal made world fame when it began actively erupting again in 1984. The brilliant eruptions and lava flows attracted tourists from all over the world and lasted until 2010. Our group...
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Best of Hawaii’s Most Popular Islands

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It’s lush, tropical scenery is breathtaking and immaculate beaches attract more tourists year after year. But down time on gorgeous beaches isn’t the only thing that makes Hawaii such a desirable vacation spot. It is an island that is teeming with life and adventure. No matter which of the islands of Hawaii you decide to make your...
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Admiring the Hundertwasser House in Vienna!

Join Free: Our club made a stop at the world famous Hundertwasserhaus on our Eastern Europe tour in Vienna. This renowned architect built unique structures like this apartment building all over the world. His love of nature inspired him to create buildings that intertwined different aspects of nature with non-traditional shapes and colors. The Hundertwasser House has a living...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Touching the Great Pyramid of Egypt

On our first day in Egypt we went straight to the pyramids of Giza and all that jetlag was soon forgotten. Witnessing the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, and surrounding history in Giza was a moment I and many in our travel club’s group trip to Egypt had been waiting for since childhood. I love this picture because this Egyptian boy playing at the base and touching the massive stones of the Great...
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