Travel Photo of the Day: Galway

Galway is an awesome city on the west coast of Ireland. Our travel club had a blast exploring the historic streets filled with great music, Irish bars, restaurants, and shops! The locals are super friendly and welcoming too! Galway is a must stop on any trip to...
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Destination Travel Guide: Delhi, India

Delhi is an exciting place to visit full of history, culture, and attractions for young and old alike. This destination travel guide is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to activities but it will get you started when planning a vacation to Delhi. A Few Highlights for a Vacation to Delhi: A trip to Delhi would not be complete without a visit to the splendid National Museum. Here you can...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Spiral Stair Fountain in Sydney

Sydney is by far one of our travel clubs favorite cities in the world and Darling Harbour is one of many reasons why. This cool shot was taken of a beautiful spiral stair fountain located on one end of the harbour. Children get a kick out of running around the stairs to the center and back. Darling Harbour is full of great restaurants, nightlife, the aquarium, boat tours, movie theaters,  and...
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Exploring Cape Town: The Highlights of South Africa’s Capital!

The thriving city of Cape Town, South Africa is the second largest city on the continent in terms of population. It was also the site of the first European settlement in South Africa, when the Dutch built a supply station there in 1652. The city of Cape Town enjoys one of the most culturally diverse populations of any city in the world with people from all nations and walks of life having...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Golden Gate Sails

Our travel club’s home base in San Francisco ain’t too shabby. The sweeping views of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin Headlands can be astounding in so many ways. On this day it was perfectly clear but there are many a days where a thick blanket of fog (known as the marine layer) covers the entire bridge and city of San Francisco! Sometimes the fog is so low it covers...
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Destination Travel Guide: New Zealand

New Zealand stretches across the main North and South Islands, plus countless smaller islands in the same chain. Its temperate climate and varied landscape makes it a perfect destination for travelers interested in more adventurous vacations. From glacier treks to sky diving to hiking, there are endless things to do in the beautiful green landscapes that carpet New Zealand. Below are three...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Beautiful Colored Bird in Kenya

The Lilac-breasted Roller is one of the most colorful birds our travel club has ever seen! They are quite common in Kenya so if you’re ever there on safari keep your eye’s peeled. Unless you’re  a real bird enthusiast, people don’t often think of safaris as being perfect for bird watching. Well, they are! Be sure to join us on our next African...
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Hiking Colorado Rockies!

Join Free: Our travel club just wrapped up a great hiking trip to the Colorado Rockies. This video was taken on our last hike which offered awesome panoramic views of all the places we had been from Boulder, to Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, to Colorado Rockies National Park. We saw all sorts of landscapes on the trip ranging in elevation from 6000-12000 feet! Our guide Brett...
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Destination Travel Guide: Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies is one of USA’s most picturesque adventure destinations. The snow topped mountains and fresh clean air have people flocking to every hiking trail that the Rockies has to offer. Hiking is at its best here and many travelers and residents choose to explore the surrounding mountain chains that claim birth to the Colorado River. Below are 3 trails we recommend adding in...
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