Australia: Cruising the Land Down Under

The wide open plains and pristine coastlines of Australia make for various travel options when exploring this breathtaking country. While some travellers may choose to form a road trip around Australia or even catch a plane from destination to destination, another great way to see the Land Down Under is by cruising. While road trips are great, you’ll miss seeing the northern coastline of...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Goblin Valley, Utah

One of the less visited state parks along the Colorado Plateau in Utah is Goblin Valley. Our travel club had a blast photographing this place and the shot above says it all. These unique rock structures are called hoodoos and are formed over thousands of years of erosion. These mushroom shaped hoodoos are unique to this area but are formed by the same natural process that created the hoodoos of...
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Top 5 Travel Apps for the iPhone

Gone are the days when we have to buy a map, or ask directions from a local in order to arrive at our sought after destination. Since the birth of the internet, communications and research are easier and faster. This has transformed the travel industry and the way we plan trips. The advances in mobile technology have now taken our ability to travel smarter to a whole new level. Mobile technology...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Canadian Rockies-Bluest Lake Ever!

Pictures will never do justice the astounding lakes of the Canadian Rockies. The bright blues & turquoise colors are so vivid and surreal every picture we took looks fake or photoshopped (we swear they are not!).  The unique colors are formed as the sun bounces of the rock flower which is deposited into the lakes year round. This substance is formed from the constant erosion of bedrock...
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Destination Travel Guide: Bali

Bali is a magical island in Indonesia with a diverse number of activities for all types of travelers. This beautiful place is well known for its Hindu shrines with tributes to the Gods around every corner. The importance of spirituality makes Bali a special place to experience and the locals are friendly and respectful. There are picturesque beaches surrounded by mountains that contain some of...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Market Man in Egypt

We love this picture. The shot of the this Egyptian man was taken in the Cairo Markets in Egypt. We imagine he must have gone to this same spot every day to watch the thousands of shoppers struggle through the massive crowds. The alleys and roads of the Cairo markets weaved together like a labrynth and we easily got lost (in a good way) among the madness. Just another day of shopping in...
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Canadian Rockies Hike!

Join Free: This was the best hike in the Canadian Rockies! Cavelle Meadows is a moderate-difficult 8 mile hike but so worth every step. It begins at an astounding glacier pond filled with icebergs. As you make your way up you traverse well carved and groomed trails through the pines and eventually above the treeline. To the right of us is the magnificent stretch of rocky...
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Teaching English in the Hills of Spain

Four hours north of Madrid, Valdelavilla, a Medieval-style hamlet in the little-visited Soria province, definitely isn’t for everyone. Two- and three-story stone buildings house the accommodations that are simply furnished sans radio or air conditioning. Steep staircases, low wood beam ceilings, and irregular floors all define the rustic cottages. The bars on any cell phone are pretty much...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Howler Monkey in Costa Rica

We love monkeys and Costa Rica is a great place to go on a monkey safari! This shot is of the famous Howler monkey known for its loud howling voice. Their calls can be heard from miles away and are in fact used as a defense mechanism to scare of threats and predators in addition to talking to their own kind. If you imitate a Howler monkeys calls, they will talk right back to you! Join our travel...
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