Travel Photo of the Day: Ducks in Cambodia

This picture may look a little morbid but we love the simplicity and rawness of the image. This string of dead ducks was attached to a young boys bicycle in Cambodia. Our trip here was unforgettable and seeing things like this on the side of the road really opens your eyes to the vast differences in culture between the western world and the east. Places like this in Southeast Asia are a culture...
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The Magical Thermal Pools of Hawaii

Join Free: Our travel club is obsessed with the Big Island and this is one of the many reasons why. These thermal pools in Hawaii are over 90 degrees and spill right into the ocean. The sunset is magical here and we always top off our adventure in the Big Island with activities like this. Relaxing in these natural hot springs is perfect after a long day of hiking and exploring...
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Destination Travel Guide: Peru

In Peru, a South American country bordered by well known nations like Columbia and Brazil, visitors enjoy a lush paradise populated by a mixture of unique cultures. The natural and cultural treasures of this country have fascinated people for centuries and continue to bring in thousands of visitors a year. There are numerous things to see and do in Peru, but the following list breaks it down into...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Blackpoint Shack in Maine

Southern Maine is our travel club’s favorite part of New England.  Portland, Maine is one of the jewels of New England and the food, nightlife, shopping, and music in this classic port town is phenomenal. This picture was taken in Blackpoint about 20 minutes south of Portland. The coastline here is gorgeous with ocean cliffs and cabins, houses, & shacks like this one that are...
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The Highlights of France!

France is a beautiful country and one of the oldest in modern Europe. You can literally feel the history and culture in the air as you walk through places where the movers and shakers of the world lived and loved while they worked to change the course of the human race. France has played a pivotal part in helping shape the history of the world, and the evidence of this history passing by is...
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Safari In Kenya!

Join Free: PhotoFly Travel Club went on an epic African Safari in Kenya last year and we’re heading back for the migration this September 2012! Check out this video of our first game drive and within minutes we were up close and personal to giraffes everywhere! Be sure to join our travel club free and sign up for the Kenya Migration...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Traditional Peruvian Dress

In 2010, our travel club took an exciting adventure to Peru! One of our favorite parts of this trip were the people and their beautiful, authentic clothes & hats. This shot is a perfect example of the traditional Peruvian dress that many of the locals still wear (of course half the time its for tourists).  Peru is filled with amazing history most notably with the Inca Empire dating only...
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Destination Travel Guide: Thailand

Top 3 Adventure Activities in Thailand Thailand has adored the world over for being the perfect hedonist destination. Famed for its world-famous beaches, ancient cities, jungles and metropolitan cities, this Asian nation of sixty-five million inhabitants has numerous travel activities for all. Let’s look at the top 3 adventure activities in Thailand. 1. Koh Samui offers a great diving...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Red Rocks of the Outback

The famous Australian Outback is something special. The food here also exceeds that of the American Restaurant chain. Our travel club went on an adventure to Australia back in 2008. Sydney was our favorite city and the Outback was a close second (although they are so different it’s really hard to compare).  Check out the details and colors in the rocks. The two must see places are Uluru...
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