Destination Travel Guide: Prague

Top 3 things to do in Prague This weeks destination travel guide will help you out on your first trip to Prague. Prague is a beautiful and historic city with a wealth of things to see and do for tourists. If you are only visiting the city for a day or weekend trip, use our guide to the top 3 things to do in Prague as a way to make the most of your time. 1. Visit the Old Town Prague’s Old...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Marmot Love

The Canadian Rockies is a magical land that any backpacker, travel lover, and photographer will go crazy over! Though more known for its sweeping landscapes, intense blue lakes, and rocky mountains, the Canadian Rockies is also filled with unique animals like the marmot above. These guys were so funny and not shy at all. They would come right up to us and steal our food! We caught them in a very...
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Hiking in Bryce Canyon!

Join Free: Bryce Canyon National Park is awesome! Our travel club made its way there in May 2012. This park is filled with the famous “hoodoos”. These rock structures made of sandstone have been formed over millions of years of erosion upon the remarkable Colorado Plateau. Be sure to come with us next time on our trips to the Western National Parks: Zion, Bryce,...
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Must See Greece

Top 5 Greece! A few weeks ago we wrote a top 3 destinations guide for Greece. That was the teaser. Now let’s wet your greek appetite some more… There is a saying in history that is “The Glory that was Greece”. At the present time, Greece has evolved from being the origin of democracy and the origin of the Olympic Games to a melting pot of culture, arts and music. Let us explore the...
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Travel Photo of the Day: The Lights of the Hagia Sophia

If you visit Turkey, Istanbul is a must. When you visit Istanbul, exploring the nooks and crannies of the Hagia Sophia is the first thing you should do. Going to this world class city is not complete without seeing this historical, cultural, & architectural wonder.  We took this picture on one of the higher balconies overlooking the main hall. The long hanging lights are really unique and...
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How to Plan Your Next Adventure Vacation!

Taking an adventure vacation is the chance of a lifetime to get away, relax, explore, & experience a different destination foreign to your own. Whether you spend it with family, friends, or by yourself—it’s sure to rejuvenate and provide refuge from the stress in your world. To create a personal excursion that is memorable and exciting, you must travel prepared with all the necessary...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Hiking Northern California

Our photog travel club members reside all over the country and even the world BUT the founder and travel club organizer currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. For all you local Bay Area members be sure to come along to some local events and hikes we do throughout the year. This picture was taken on an AMAZING beach hike along Bolinas Bay. The vast California Coast & it’s...
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