Top 5 Things to do in Phnom Penh

As we get ready for our travel club’s trip to Cambodia next week this article from one of our members is really getting us excited! Researching Cambodia’s history might dissuade the most intrepid of travelers; military coups, Khmer Rouge occupation, Vietnam War, famines are a few of the pockmarks left on this gem in Southeast Asia. Thankfully, the country has shaken off some of its...
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Big 5 on Safari: Cape Buffalo

Join Free: Check out these cape buffalo on safari in Kenya. Our photography travel club had one of our best trips getting awesome shots of these creatures. The cape buffalo also known as the Africa Buffalo are all over Africa and are famous for being one of the “Big 5”, a term coined by hunters that refers to the most popular animals to hunt. Big Five: (Cape...
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Hawaii Green Sand Beach!

Join Free: Check out the only Green Sand Beach in Hawaii and one of the only ones in the world! The unique coastal wonder known as Papakōlea Beach, Mahana Beach, or to us common folk: green sand beach. It gets it’s green colors from the olivine crystals found in the surrounding rocks and cinder cone which surrounds the beach itself. Our travel club which takes travel...
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Mekong Floating Market

Our photography travel club is heading off to Cambodia & Vietnam next week and one of our members shared an awesome story about his experience at the Mekong Floating Markets: The sun rises in a cloud haze over the wide Mekong. Its brown water moves swiftly sending branches and clusters of white water lilies with it. Not a minute of this early morning is spent ‘waking up’ – the river...
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