An Adventure Trip to the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies did not disappoint when our photography travel club went there in July of 2011. We take our members all over the world in search of culture, adventure, and great photography. The Canadian Rockies is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Club organizer Steve Juba concurs. “As we explored the Rockies of Banff and Jasper it was amazing to see the vast arrays...
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Wind Surfing Lesson

Join Free: Our photography & Adventure travel club learns to windsurf on a secluded lake in northern California! We had an absolute blast at Lake Pillsbury. This secluded lake is in the mountains outside of Ukiah CA. We packed a houseboat full of water toys to an awesome camp spot and set up shop for the weekend. Our leader Jud not only taught us how to windsurf, but...
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Stonehenge: Worth the Trip?

Stonehenge is one of Britain’s (the world’s) most well-known icons, and is probably the one we know the least about. This prehistoric monument has had countless theories about how it was built, why it was built and when.  And the answers? Well, nobody really knows. On my quest to discover more about my own country, Great Britain, this place clearly had to be on the list. But...
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Castle Hike!

Join Free: Yet another great day with our travel clubs. This video is up in Calistoga and was a great photography hike. After the hike we went down the road to Castello Di Amorosa. This tuscan war castle is actually a replica and fantastic winery. Our group had a wonderful lakeside picnic next to the castle and then explored the vineyard. The castle has all sorts of cool...
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Wonders of Southern Spain

Across the Atlantic Ocean and reaching to the Mediterranean Seas lies the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. History of the past inhabitants such as the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans and the Moors is still felt in the region’s historic towns like Seville, Granada and Cordoba. Small towns and villages decorate Southern Spain and you will find good wine, folklore, and...
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How to spend a week in Europe: Part 1 – London

You may have wondered if it’s possible to make a European trip out of a one week of vacation. For the purposes of this blog, I’m going to define one week as 6-8 days (flight excluded). Why one week you ask? Well, I guess my audience is meant to be: 1) young parents, 2) working adults with little PTO time, 3) working adults who go to school, and 4) budget travelers. Also, I am going to ignore...
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Learning the Hula Dance

Join Free: Our photography travel club had a blast at this Luau on the Big Island. Before we sat down to eat everyone learned how to do the Hula Dance. I highly recommend going to the Luau at the King Kamama Hotel in Kona. We do this every year our our popular Big Island tour!
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How to Make a Travel Plan

There are two extremes of travel planners/travelers. The first extreme is the “fly by the seat of your pants” traveler. This traveler, wanting to be free and spontaneous, often ends up going to museums when they are closed, pays walk-in rack rates for hotels in a late night bid for someplace to sleep, and waits two hours for the ferry when he or she could have slept longer. The second...
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